Binance hack: If bitcoin is so safe, why is it a target ...

[idea]A bitcoin wallet for daily users

What if there was a wallet for people that would like the anonymity of bitcoin and the stability of the dollar.
Here is how it works it shorts half of your balance 1x leverage on bitmex.
so if you deposit one bitcoin at $20,000(10,000 long and 10,000 short) and it drops to $1
you would make $9,999.50 on the short and lose $9,999.50 on the long.
So your current balance would still be $20,000
So even if bitcoin lost 99.99% of its value you would never lose money.
This would be great for business owners that accept bitcoin.
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Product information for investors

The team is often available on Discord for discussion and assistance.
If you have lost your 2FA for the website, please send an email to [email protected] from your registered email address, with proof of identity documentation. There is a file size limit of 1MB, so attach a file under that size.
The Crypto20 Fund
FAQ can be found here
The Hyperion Fund
FAQ can be found here.
Investment Information
Please see a list of Hyperion's investments here.
Meridian Fund Series [Minimum investment 100,000 USD]
The Meridian Fund Series is composed of three index funds which track the top 10 crypto-currency assets by market capitalization. Each fund option has a variable contingency for cash allocation. Please see the links below for more information:
C10 Hedged
C10 is a fund offered by Invictus, composed of the top 10 crypto-currency assets by market capitalization. Through a hedging mechanism, this fund offers greater drawdown protection for investors who may be more risk adverse. The fund is open-ended, and available to purchase through the Invictus Capital portal. Additionally, the use of margin-lending is designed to reduce fees.
FAQ can be found here.
Invictus Margin Lending Fund
The Invictus Margin Lending Fund offers investors the ability to take advantage of the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market without risking direct exposure. The fund aims to maximize interest income on USD and USD equivalents with zero anticipated drawdown risk. Returns have a low or negative correlation to the S&P500, VIX, GLD and TNX — making for an excellent portfolio diversification tool. The fund targets compounded interest returns of 10 to 25% p/a net of fees on USD (and USD backed cryptocurrencies such as TUSD). This target should not be used as a prediction of performance. Investors will have access to daily performance reporting via the website and an API.
Emerging Markets Solar Fund
The Emerging Markets Solar Fund aims to earn healthy returns whilst contributing to global clean energy production. The Fund provides investors with an opportunity to raise living standards in emerging markets, provide access to modern energy services, reduce global reliance on fossil fuels and offset their carbon emissions. The Emerging Markets Solar (“EMS”) Fund has teamed up with a launch partner, the Sun Exchange, to initiate the Fund. The Sun Exchange is a US-domiciled company operating out of Cape Town, South Africa and is the world’s first global, peer-to-peer, solar-cell micro-leasing online marketplace. They have a strong presence in the African market and have an impressive track record to date. Check out the fund via the Litepaper linked below!
Invictus Gold Plus Fund
Gold has been favored and fought over by humans for thousands of years. With scarce supply and unwavering demand, the unmistakable precious metal has remained central to man’s concept of money and the preservation of wealth. Despite gold's initial sell-off in the wake of coronavirus fears, if history is to be a guide then the precious metal is poised for significant growth given the immense increase in money supply by global reserve banks (at this stage $2 trillion in the US alone) in an effort to buoy consumer demand. Invictus Capital presents our latest fund - the Invictus Gold Plus Fund - an open-ended fund that tracks the underlying gold price and earns an additional yield on your investment. The fund’s objective is to outperform gold as a long-term benchmark. The Fund will be held predominantly in gold-backed tokens, namely Tether Gold (XAUT) and PAX Gold (PAXG), with a small portion invested in our Margin Lending Fund (IML) for 24/7 liquidity purposes. The targeted outperformance will be accomplished by taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities and utilizing our proprietary software to margin lend the underlying tokens on platforms such as Bitfinex, expanding on the success and experience gained from operation of our IML fund. For reference, margin lending rates on Tether Gold haved spiked into the double digits in terms of annualized returns (25% APR as of 26/3/2020) due to the recent surge in trading activity.
Invictus Bitcoin Alpha Fund
Invictus Capital is proud to present our Bitcoin Alpha Fund (IBA), an open-ended fund that is always long on Bitcoin (BTC), and aims to outperform it by utilizing options and lending strategies to offer both downside protection and yield. The Fund will have long BTC exposure, and it will utilize OTM put options as a protective mechanism which allows BTC downside to be capped at a maximum of 10% of the US dollar value of the Fund per month. Significant Bitcoin gains are made during any period of drawdown exceeding 10%, and IBA has, historically, strongly outperformed its benchmark of BTC.
Bitcoin enjoys a first-mover advantage as well as substantial brand recognition, and it remains a popular investment choice for new market entrants. In historical terms Bitcoin has demonstrated low correlation to major asset classes such as equities, bonds and commodities. It can therefore offer superior risk-adjusted returns compared to more traditionally-oriented portfolios. A key aspect of Bitcoin is its scarcity and it can thus translate to a store of value for investors. With a current market capitalization of less than 5% of gold, there is significant room for Bitcoin to capture a larger share of global wealth. Bitcoin's property of scarcity can also serve as a bulwark against the inflationary pressures faced by fiat currencies and other risks associated with the traditional financial system. The IBA Fund offers the benefits of Bitcoin with reduced volatility - a concern which acts as a barrier to entry for many investors. In addition:
Perseus is a secure, end-to-end ICO raise platform. Perseus was developed by Invictus Capital to assist projects with their raise process in an efficient manner. Though often associated with the Hyperion Fund, any project can apply for this service.
Perseus offers front-end, back-end, business, legal, technical, as well as marketing services. Projects can customize according to their requirements.
On the front-end, Perseus provides a secure investment portal, including KYC/AML processes. This portal caters to different languages and currencies. Funds are received securely and stored cold, with user-specific information according to their investment history.
On the back-end, analytics and reconciliation reports are available. This is in addition to other administrative and wallet tools.
Business services can include assistance with exchange listings, advisors, community development, and ICO strategy. Perseus can also assist with roadmap and tokenomic planning.
In terms of legal services, this extends to the drafting of agreements (such as SAFTs) and the creation of contractual terms.
Technical services encompass the development and auditing of smart contracts, token issuance and security pen-testing.
On the marketing side of things, this relates to content creation and dissemination, community management, brand consulting, campaigning, as well as general strategy.
Perseus brings value to the blockchain ecosystem, and increases the chances of partner success. Please find FAQ regarding Perseus here.
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Trader Hangout with CEO Mike Belshe of BitGo -- Live 4PM PST Weds

BitGo CEO Mike Belshe has agreed to do a hangout with the WhaleClub panel of long time bitcoin traders to talk about a variety of topics including multi-sig security in the wake of the BFX hack and their products, services and business model as a company. I welcome sourcing questions from the community to ask him on air and we will be creating a Google document beforehand of the questions so he has an idea of what we will be asking as well as outlining the structure of the Hangout.
Wednesday 4PM Pacific Standard Time (UTC -7:00) so 2300 UTC
Edit: I will adding some of the questions below as we work on the document
BitGo Hangout
Who are you? What is BitGo? Tell us about yourself and take us through the BitGo business model and what you offer to exchanges. (VIX)
BitGo Wallet Setups Take us through a standard implementation of BitGo (Kraken, Bitstamp, who else?) Are all of your clients using customizable setups? (BEL)
Under what circumstances are transactions normally allowed to be signed and processed? What protections are in place? (BEL)
Did your team allow BFX to choose an insecure configuration? Tell us specifically how Bitfinex's setup was customized compared to your other clients -- was this option only available to BFX, why? From the BitGo blog right after the hack “Fortunately, the Bitfinex configuration was unique and other BitGo customers do not need immediate changes.” (BEL)
Did BFX have any other special services provided by BitGo, like an Ethereum wallet solution?
Who is responsible?
Please comment on any of BFX's statements, choices, behaviors that you think might be currently misrepresented? For example, Giancarlo of BitFinex has stated explicitly that BitGo has responsibility in the matter -- Giancarlo stating that BitGo was responsible and didn’t function as expected: Audio Clip #1 what is the responsibility of BitGo in the matter -- Let’s go over what you have documented on both your website and blog (VIX)
Dynamic Fraud Filters “BitGo will not co-sign requests that appear to be fraudulent and will instead report an error to the user.” -- If you are selling security and fraud prevention how is that almost 120,000 BTC can be lost and not flagged as a fraudulent request? (Swapman)
According to Zane “we were never alerted to any fraudulent or apparently fraudulent transactions (to my knowledge we received an email stating a security setting had changed and that’s it). We had never withdrawn more than 2,500btc in 24hr, had never increased the daily global limit, nor had we ever used that API call. I just simply can’t understand how 119,756btc were cosigned under that context.”
Giancarlo talking about the unbreakable limit of 2,500 bitcoins that was changed to 1,000,000 2 months prior to the hack Audio Clip #2
This sets up clearly that Bitfinex claims they were never informed of these weaknesses in their setup with BitGo. Did BitGo inform bitfinex of these critical changes? (Swapman)
In your blog post after the hack, you said "Our job is to protect your Bitcoin". Do you think BitGo did that for Bitfinex users? “ BitGo systems were not breached in this attack and our software functioned correctly.” -- how could a company built on delivering a security service for bitcoin be functioning properly if this happened ? Even if Giancarlo and the BFX team are incompetent at using your software don’t you still have an obligation to make it idiot proof to meet your service obligation ? (VIX)
Did BitGo have a document that details the responsibilities and expectations of each party involved in the fraud prevention/segregation of wallets/transaction-signing? (Widespread)
The Hack Is BitGo cooperating with any legal authorities investigating the hack? Which? (BEL)
What was learned from the BFX hack? (BEL) Blog post:
Why weren’t these features sufficiently provided sufficiently in Bitfinex’s setup?
Customer Wallet Review: We conducted a review of all our customers’ wallets and made recommendations to each customer about how their wallet security could be improved through the use of policies, wallet architecture, and basic practices for handling access tokens and credentials in a multi-user environment. Immutable Policies: BitGo policies are controlled by the customer and can be protected by multiple, independent people. To enact a policy change, one person proposes the change, one or more people approve the change (with 2-factor authentication), and finally everyone gets notified that the change is complete via SMS and email. With the new immutable policy feature, once policies have been unchanged for some time, we automatically lock the policy in an immutable state. Changes to the policy cannot be made via API, and may only be unlocked by BitGo Operations Personnel after a manual, out-of-band identification and authentication process. The process includes several safeguards such as a video call with pre-verified persons designated by the company in advance. Mandatory Multiple Approvers: Multiple approvers for policy overrides has always been a core function of the BitGo platform. We have tightened the multiple user policy for several customers to require at least three users to take an administrative action.
Customer Protections
What happened with all of the insurance features and other claims and terms that were not provided to Bfx customers and/or were edited after the hack happened?
Bitgo deleted its post about insurance immediately after the hack -- then re-added it with an edit that insurance expired back in January and all parties were notified. How/when were Bitfinex customers notified of the limitations and special terms of their BitGo wallets? At the very least this looks really bad
–]tokenlyfreelance (Adam Levine, LTB) on Reddit said: “I actually reached out to Ben Davenport (a BitGo primary) about exactly the insurance issue immediately after the hack became public. He directed me to a communications person who has not yet responded to my questions.
It's very interesting the page was taken down, probably because other people and myself were quoting from it directly since it seems pretty clear they at least represented this type of incident as being covered.”
How can a customer be confident BitGo configurations are customized properly, or which scope of terms and insurances will actually apply to them in the event of a crisis?
BitGo’s Future & Viability
Do you think BitGo, as a centralized platform, might represent a systemic risk that increases with your "success"? For example, when the BitGo API goes down, and none of your partner exchanges can process bitcoins, like happened last year? How is adding BitGo a net gain in security for their customers? (BEL)
What skin does BitGo have in the game that someone should trust you as 3rd party? It seems you are responsible for securing exponentially more value than the company itself represents. Giancarlo said he will have a hard time ever trusting another 3rd party: Audio Clip #3 (VIX)
What can BitGo do to transcend being the security company that oversaw the loss of 120,000 bitcoins?
How can BitGo become profitable and justifiable as a security solution?
Do you anticipate a legal battle between BitGo and Bitfinex?
Phil states that BitGo doesn’t have any money to sue for: Audio Clip #4 (VIX)
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Friday, 1 June 2018

Bittrex Gets Bank Agreement to Help You Buy Bitcoin With Dollars Bittrex that lets users swap nearly 200 different digital coins, said it forged banking agreements that will allow some customers to trade in U.S. dollars.
Philippines' Crypto Wallet Reaches 5 Million Users, Adds More Coins - Bitcoin News Philippines’ announced it reached a whopping five million users this week for its mobile payments app and hot crypto wallet.
Bitcoin Price May Be 'Fear Gauge' for Stock Market: VIX Analyst BTC price is notoriously volatile, but a surprising pattern has emerged from that volatility which may have wider ramifications for the traditional finance markets as a whole.
Daily Performances
General Comment: The broad market has been stable, with total market cap maintaining USD330 billion and in continued light volumes of USD16 billion in the last 24 hours. Other parameters such as low volatility and high correlation also remain unchanged indicating a lack of directional conviction. The consolidation phase would probably continue for a while as the markets are still recovering from the side effects of market euphoria earlier in the year. However, external catalysts could be the next drivers. Some people are beginning to talk about crypto currencies as a gauge of fear in traditional markets. If another sovereign crisis comes back into the fore front and global contagion spreads, it would be interesting to see how well crypto assets perform as "Proof of Safety".
Technical Analysis - BTC
BTC/USD is still trading inside a downward sloped triangle, but has successfully defended the psychological USD7000 support level for now. If the lows hold, we expect to see a retest of the upper bound and a strong bull move if it breaks this band, which right now stands at around 9.5k. If it breaks downwards we would expect the price to fall significantly to the 4-5k level. Based on the stage of the triangle we would expect a resolution up or down soon and higher volatility as a result.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Hackers Demand $1 Million in XRP After Bank Data Theft - CoinDeskHackers who stole personal information on 90,000 Canadian bank users have demanded $1 million in Ripple's XRP to not release the data trove.
China's President Endorses Blockchain as Economic 'Breakthrough'Chinese President Xi Jinping has acknowledged the potential of blockchain in a speech this week, endorsing the nascent technology for the first time in public.
Tron Begins Transition to Its Own BlockchainTron (TRX), the tenth-largest cryptocurrency, has begun the transition from the Ethereum network to its own public blockchain.
EOS Denies Protocol Bugs Will Delay Mainnet LaunchThe EOS development team said that their “epic vulnerabilities” in the blockchain project’s source code will not prevent developers from shipping the software on time.
Daily Performance
Technical Analysis - BTC
Similar to Bitcoin, LTC is also showing a triangle pattern, with a horizontal base in this case. We expect the break on the upside or downside of this triangle to generate a sizeable movement on the upside or downside. We are waiting to see where it breaks from here.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Italy's Economic Pain Is the Bitcoin Price's GainPerhaps it took an economic crisis of another kind to lift the cryptocurrency markets. Italy's economy is reeling.
80\% of the Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges From 2016 Have Been ReplacedFor many of the top crypto exchanges at the time it effectively was; several have fallen by the wayside and eight out of the top ten platforms by trading volume have lost their spot.
Japan's Ban Is a Wake-Up Call to Defend Privacy Coins - CoinDeskTo advocate for regulatory leniency, we must consider the advantages, not the disadvantages, that privacy coins will provide to the greater community.
Daily Performance
Technical Analysis - BTC
BTC/USD is still trading inside a downward sloped triangle and bounced at the lower end today. If the lows hold, we expect to see a retest of the upper bound and a strong bull move if it breaks this band, which right now stands at around 9.5k. If it breaks downwards we would expect the price to fall significantly to the 4-5k level. Based on the stage of the triangle we would expect a resolution up or down soon and higher volatility as a result.

Tuesday, 29th May 2018

Philippines’ Banks to Pilot Ethereum-based Blockchain for Retail Payments Five rural banks in the Philippines will conduct a pilot of a real-time retail payments system on a blockchain developed by Ethereum startup Consensys.
Ethereum Drops 14\% as Cryptocurrency Market Declines $14 Billion Overnight The Ether has dropped 14 percent overnight as other major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash fell in the range of 2 to 6 percent.
Can Cryptocurrency Businesses like Coinbase Compete With Wall Street Conglomerates? Coinbase has over 20 million users, nearly as many as asset management giant Fidelity Investments and twice as much as Charles Schwab.
James Rodriguez becomes the first football superstar to launch his own cryptocurrency with SelfSell, public sale opens on June 12th The football star, announced through a video message today to start the public sale of his own cryptocurrency on a blockchain-powered mobile app.
Daily Performance

Market 29-05-2018

The broad market continues to be soft, with total market cap approaching USD300 billion. Yesterday the market was pushed lower on what appears to be a large seller in ETH, driving prices down to almost USD500 and the ETH/BTC spread close to 0.07. The market has so far recovered slightly but volumes remain lacklustre, and BTC seems to flirt with the psychological USD7'000 support level. The next few days will be a test to see if this holds.

Monday, 28th May 2018

Got 1 BTC? Another Japanese Exchange Wants to Borrow Your Cryptocurrencies Another government-approved Japanese cryptocurrency exchange has launched a program to borrow cryptocurrencies from its members.
Six Japanese Public Companies Announce Plans to Launch Crypto Exchanges This week, a number of companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange revealed their plans to enter the crypto exchange business for the first time.
3 Trends Driving Switzerland’s Wealthtech Industry Switzerland's wealthtech industry has been growing rapidly in the past years. Here are three trends that have been driving the digitalization of wealth management in Switzerland.
Vitalik Buterin asks: Does Rotschild Conspiracy Theory Extend to Crypto? Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin questioned the authenticity of the Rothschild banking empire after rumors emerged of its plans to enter the cryptocurrency market.
Daily Performance

Market 28-05-2018

Over the weekend, more directionless trading in very light volumes. Total market cap is at USD325 billion, with 24 hour turnover a very light USD13 billion. Volatility continues to drop in BTC to levels not seen for almost a year (implied vols mid-70s, short-term realised mid-50s) and the same can be seen in most other asset classes such as stocks, currencies and commodities except for crude oil, which saw a sharp drop in Asian hours after Saudi Arabia and Russian proposed easing of output curbs. Market consolidation continues, but extremely low volumes and volatilities make the entire market susceptible to external shocks.
Many thanks to Mariem @SwissBorg for providing us with THE latest news.
Disclaimer: Insider aims to provide our community with updates and information regarding financial markets and the blockchain world.This is our way of communicating with our community. It is meant to be used for informational purposes not to be mistaken for financial advice.Our opinion, when shared, is just that, it may not apply directly to your individual situation. Any information gleaned here is to be used at the readers' own risk, SwissBorg does not accept any responsibility for individual decisions made based on reading our daily blog. Any information we provide on our daily blog is accurate and true to the best of our knowledge, there may be omissions, errors or mistakes.
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Each time the VIX has fallen into the teens, as the analyst says, Bitcoin has rallied, and the rest of the high-risk crypto market followed its lead. The most recent period of calm led to the top at $14,000, and before that was the crypto asset’s all-time high at $20,000. Before that, the VIX easy street paved the way for Bitcoin’s then-record at $1,200. Bitcoin VOX is an independent publication, which provides you the latest sensitive news, trends, prices and analysis on Bitcoin and the Crypto Currency World. If something happens, you will know it sooner. Bitcoin VOX guarantees reactivity with reporters all over the globe and a special focus on trigger events of swings in trading prices such as Regulation, Economy, Security and Technology. In ... Bitcoin wallet for the iPhone,” said Aaron Voisine, who said he was still having trouble getting it into the App Store. “Apple legal is, well … ” Kevin Greene, a 24-year-old software ... Vixes accepts deposits of the amount from 0.001 Bitcoin, 0.015 Bitcoin Cash, 0.02 Bitcoin SV, 500 Digibyte, 0.1 Litecoin, 200 Syscoin, 1500 Verge, 1000 Dogecoin, 0.03 Ethereum, 0.5 Ethereum Classic, 2.5 Payeer USD, 2.5 Payeer EURO, 2.5 Perfect Money USD, 2.5 Perfect Money EURO and 10 USDC. Profit withdrawal is available upon reaching the following values on the user's balance: 0.001 Bitcoin, 0 ... If Bitcoin volatility decreases, the cost of converting into and out of Bitcoin will decrease as well. How do we calculate the volatility? It uses the standard deviation of the daily open price for the preceding 30-, 60-, 120- and 365-day windows. These are measures of historical volatility based on past Bitcoin and Litecoin prices.

[index] [40118] [45113] [30994] [11396] [10227] [21556] [35267] [23558] [50118] [42917] Bitcoin Wallet - Account Setup Guide

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